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What does Mick Hodson Associates Offer?

Mick Hodson Associates is a small team with a vast experience working in Design, Traditional Print, Fine Art Giclee Printing and Poster Industries.

We have taken a long time to build up a portfolio of like minded colleagues who we work alongside to get our clients the best quality and best prices we can.

We are not the place to come for the cheapest deal. we offer quality, service, consistency and friendly working relationships.

Design for Print

All of our skills and services go hand in hand, as they incorporate artwork, photography, printing, scanning, colour management and design. Again we can’t do it all in-house and work with artists and photographers we know and trust to work alongside us.

Giclee Printing

When it comes to Giclee Printing we have been doing it from the beginning of the system.

We take a customers digital file, transparency, or an original painting, be it on canvas or paper. All the information you will need is on our Giclee London sister site.

It has prices, technical information and a gallery view of some of our published artists, so you can see many styles to put your mind at rest on whether we are up to the job.

Online Gallery

We give some clients the opportunity to sell their giclee prints, which have produced, on our online gallery. This is a fully working e commerce site, where we share the proceeds of any sales. Take a look at E Gallery UK and you may want to be considered for inclusion.

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